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Hello Everyone! I worked on this website, I worked so hard to make video on website, I thought I can download a jQuery, But I found other way! Simple, but poor qualify video because of limit of color in GIF. I converted mp4 to gif to set up the video as my background, it's just a trick in HTML5, NO CSS necessary. But I tried to download jQuery to have better qualify video on bckground, but there is require to set up in LIVE server, like you have to install in student web server that Shirley gave you all for class. localhost software like XAMPP can be inlcude, but you cannot make it on your local as your machine. I don't know why it is require to have live server instead of on your laptop or PC or Macbook. I guess things gets complex. I'm still research, It is not easy to study, change, and worm around

Hobby: Stars, Planets, and Galaxy


I always love to look up at stars in space in nightttime. I like to look at different stars constellations. My bithday is Cancer. Also, I like to look out for meteor and comet when I sit down during nighttime because they are beautiful!


I know there are millions planets in Milky Way galaxy, I believe there are lot of habitable planets, they are just very far, no one can reach them until distance in future. Astronauts found few habitable planets, best candidate is Gliese 581g (Zarmina Planet). Maybe friendly alien like Vulcan from Star trek will come to make a first contact. It will be nice to me visit them because I can see different sun.


There are billion galaxies out there. We are just in panel of Milk Way galaxy, not center of galaxy. there are thousand of panel in galaxy itself, it will take 50 to 60 light-years to travel to next one panel. Here, Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light-year wide, nearest galaxy is Canis Major Dwarf galaxy, only 25,000 light-year away from here. Real nearest galaxy is Andromeda Galaxy which is about 25 millions light-year away from here.

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